Ivellios Holimion

WTF? An Elf raised by Dwarves?


HP: 9
Weapons: Elvish Thinblade
Fighting Style: Stab things.

Ivellios likes trickery. Expect alchemist’s fire and caltrops to come from his hands.


When Ivellios Holimon was first born, he was being taken home from a hermit midwife (I guess elves need midwives?) when his mother and father were suddenly ambushed by Undead creatures. Of course, Ivellios was a baby at that time, so he was told about this by his foster parents, Gornath and Grulga Staarven.

Ivellios grew up among dwarves, especially a rowdy little fat muscular kick-ass named Harmond. They were best friends, all the way through their first thirty years of life. Because Ivellios was an elf among dwarves, who are slow and fat, Ivellios quickly learned to put his superior dexterity (+4) to use. He avoided the nasty dwarven bullies and pulled on their beards.

Ivellios was bound to be different. Gornath found him an old elvish thinblade in a junk pile outside their underground village, and gave it to Ivellios. The boy became quite skilled at it after much practice.

Then, one day, as Ivellios, Harmond, and their Gnomish friend Tinkle Yellowpants (a gnomeish eldritch knight) were wandering through the caverns, they happened upon some undead. Ivellios and the others went into a rage and attacked the powerful beasts, who then caused them to separate within a swirling vortex of time and be dropped off in random places.

All three want nothing more than to beat the living shit out of undead (especially Ivellios) and to find their friends again.

Ivellios, personally, wants to become an Initiate of the Bow and a Thinblade Master (exotic weapons master). Of course, he has no bow, so he will have to find one. As well, he wants to find a complete suit of Gnomish, Elven, and Dwarven armor that all look alike so that he and his friends can swagger like ’dat.

Until then, Ivellios will live on the edge with sly tricks. He is not stupid but is better at stabbing than plotting. He is a level 1 elven fighter…but a dwarf at heart.

Yeah. He gets drunk really easily but the more alchohol/blood he drinks, he gets soberer. Go figure and leave the wooden stake behind.

There’s also a long-dead vampire lord talking to Ivellios inside his head. It makes him go beserk sometimes (not a rage ability, like insane beserk). Wooden stakes scare him. So does the color pink.

Ivellios Holimion

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