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Welcome to Taynor, traveler.

Here you will find much in the way of adventure, excitement, and dungeons. Horrors and destinies await you beneath leafy boughs, blazing skies, and soughing earth. Test your mettle in the Westlands, and your endurance in the Bonedust Desert – then come home again and test your moneybags at the fine taverns of Port Belson, or the shady streets of Farengale.

Come one, come all, to the land of Taynor!

(From here on out to the end of the year, I will attempt to write a wiki page a day. Expect growth.)

Important Notices:

Read the Adventure Log.
The wiki is not completely finished yet, so if you’d like you may look around it, but some of the links are broken and not all information is there, and what isn’t is soon to be added! I’d love suggestions.
Check the forum!
Please, please, please make your characters. Just go to the characters tab and it’s pretty self-explanatory.
And remember…Taynor’s adventure does not end at the table. Bring your character online and play with comments, buying goods, and more!
And also -
Do not click red links.

Home Page

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