Of Cheese and Death

Panacea, Dean Judd, Sylvester, and Marius started in an unknown town in a local inn. Dean led the Group off in the direction of the poor district to find something to do, but they were stopped by a city guards. The guards said the party was in violation of law D-793.56 section z or something stupid like that. This states that all weapons needed to be registered with the city. The Group agreed to be escorted to the nearest Registry of Pointed and Deadly Things. Here they use magic to tell when someone kills a human inside the city. After being registered the group encountered a- strange- mage who we call Cheese Head… He was going to the R.P.D.T. and he was quite desperate to join the group. Other then Marius who wanted his spell book, The Group was not interested. After learning he was a sorcerer everyone agreed to wait for him outside then ran off to the nearby warmage’s guild in an attempt to ditch Cheesy. Not moments later did Cheese Head show up in the same guild hall. Everyone but Sylvester started to leave when we encountered a man whose size was only matched by his lack of hygiene. He was friendly and wanted to shake everyone’s hand (after wiping his nose and a need to fart) then he saw Marius. He must have had a fetish for gray elves because the second he noticed him he jumped on him and started shoving Marius into a bag. After standing there for a moment the group started to act and to everyone’s surprise, Cheese Head used the spell scorching ray but missed. After Cheese Head used a burning hands spell and turned everyone a light golden brown, is when everything went wrong. Sylvester went to fetch the guards, Marius slipped free, and Cheese Head pulled a knife and repeatedly stabbed the fat man fiftey times. Dean flanked Cheese Head with Panacea, setting off the alarm for the guards. A few moments of indecision later, Marius put a smoking hole in Cheese Head ending his bipolar existence and making Marius a wanted man. Dean is arrested and the only one with him is Sylvester who wants nothing other than Dean’s death. Then the day ended with Marius, Panacea, and Marrow fighting the guards for Dean’s freedom while Sylvester is trying to end the young Templian’s life

Malor and the Glowy Mushrooms (an Epic in Three Parts)

This last Sunday was one of some note. It started innocently – with a summons from the AotW ( Adventurers of the West for a quest… one which, due to a series of comedic and tragic events, was never answered (much to the chagrin of a certain little sparrow). On the way to Storm, the nearest base of operations for the AotW, the party ran into a problem. A problem with fur, fangs, and ferocity. Three wolves, one of them of the were variety, assaulted the camp at night, and were fought off – a fight in which one party member (who shall not be disclosed: it is a sensitive matter) was infected with a disease most foul. [End Act One] They hastened to storm, for the full moon was near. Thankfully, Storm, and help, was nearer. They sought the help of a mysterious and powerful man by the name of Parthen, who offered the help at the price of a bushel of Gulgaris fungi – a rare, purple, and phosphorescent plant which grows only in the caverns of mount Ragnor, and only very rarely, even there. [End Act Two] The players took this bargain (the alternative being a furry “friend”) and undertook the quest to the mountain. After a few bouts with such common things as invisible mushrooms and dancing wardrobes, the players reached the cavern systems, deliberated, and charged down them. They then fell into a big hole. A really, very, quite extremely large hole. Falling down, down, and down, they all fully expected death – a death which did not come, thanks to one Malor: a deep voiced, unaccented spirit, trapped in the depths of the mountain by some cruel twist of fate. He agreed that, if the players would free him, he could lift them out of the hole, and, perhaps, even help them obtain some mushrooms for Parthen. The players proceeded to retrieve the gems which housed Malor’s power, and we ended with them in the process of doing so. [End Act Three]

UPDATE: And then the next meeting they explored Malor’s Caverns and killed some undead, got attacked by a magic hand they stole weapons from, found some gems, and some party members got poisoned by goo bubbles and are sitting around trying to not fall into the incapacitating despair of having zero charisma. The cleric of Pelor is hanging around the Malor’s Shrine because she can’t risk crossing the poison or climbing a rope some hundreds of feet up to leave. She has agreed to heal anyone that comes to her but can not stay with the party. (So if I, Claire, am not at the next meeting feel free to assume my character is there and offering healing services at the cost of crossing the poison.) [End Act Four]

The Cave on Capital Hill

This last meeting was, to say the least, interesting. We had a pair of party members sign up for the Adventurers of the West, rank 1. Next, they decided to have an interim adventure while waiting for the guild to find a quest for them. Heading off into the nearby woodlands, they found a tribe of orcs, 28 strong, with a pair of ogres thrown in as well. The party then spent the next hour (out of game) and 12 hours (in game) planning out what they were to do about this threat – pits, bombs, assassination… any and every plan was heard, and more than a few were shouted down by the party cleric. They finally decided on an attack plan which consisted of flying over the orcish brutes and dropping an explosion down on them under the cover of night and… well, and not following up. While the necromancer and the archer rode off to bomb the evil foes, the cleric, druid, and monk all stayed behind and fought with another “evil foe” – the undead minion of the necromancer. Defeating it through cautious tactics and the help of a druid who’s cave they had been using (or planning to use) as a fallback point against the orcs, they then proceeded to bicker and politick for the rest of the session when the necromancer returned. The archer, thoroughly fed up with this whole “fighting each other and not the enemy” schtick, chucked a few rocks and left, in grand kindergarten style. The necromancer tried valiantly to hold himself against the illogic of a cleric who refused to do any fact-checking on his zealous hunt for evil, again, in grand kindergarten style. The monk had no idea what to do, alternatively threatening and backing down, and the druid stood there with a bemused expression and a quarterstaff, doing nothing. All in all, I think we can safely say that we should paint that cave white.

I Vote We Call Him Snickers

(normal group entry)
So, last sunday we had many a thing happen. The Party once again fell out of The Crossroads, landing befuddled on the dusty ground. They set off for Sparrowsdale, only to find themselves attacked along the road by a pair of hippogriffs. Killing one and knocking unconscious the other in the resulting scuffle, they disposed of the first body and nursed the other back to health, earning its trust despite the battle. It went on to become a faithful companion and mount, but not before its nest was discovered, replete with an egg, which, sadly, was diseased. Never fear, though, for the Party, whether out of greed for the money that a young hippogriff would garner or out of mercy for the poor soul, paid for it to be healed by a priest of the Pelorian Order. They then set off for Storm to deliver a letter to one Parthen Kitilistalianaktik, and, on reaching their destination found quite the scene. All the residents of the town were enraptured with the very recipient of their letter, and he himself was quite the odd, if charismatic, figure. Always smiling slightly, he walks with a barely noticeable limp, leaning on a staff with a cross at the top of it. He habitually wears elegant well-cut clothing which miraculously remains clean. Long, blond hair tops his head, and smiling green eyes peer out cheerfully at a befuddled world. Parthen preaches, and has found himself a following in the town of Storm, denouncing the common religions of the area in favor of the Deis Majoris. How did the party deal with this? They trained Hippogriffs for six weeks, spending a blissful idyll from the harsh adventuring life outside of the town’s gates. Whilst they, occupied in seclusion, took their time, events went on in Storm

The Story So Far

So, the party has been wiped.
Clean slate, I suppose.
The Yekatohu is still extant, with a host of bodies to control (look under Abandoned Church at Starnhelm ), and the frost folk now have an age old enemy to contend with – if he decides to stay in the north.
Panacea’s fate is, however, still unknown. The devil, in a particularly lucid state of evil, decided to leave her alive yet turn all of her friends into zombies – a sort of guilt trip on steroids.
Everyone be sure to tell me your new characters, by the way!

And, So it Begins
Read this

{Roleplaying Group Entry}
The party is a group of intrepid adventurers, worldy and perhaps wise (perhaps, not), who have grown bored. Petty squabbles of noblemen and insignificant aristocratic quarrels no longer interest them, and in the interest of interest, they decided to take up adventuring once more, and put down the trawls of politicking for once and for all.
They traveled to the land of Taynor, a new duchy in the kingdom of Drisden, and decided to take thier chances and test themselves in the streches of wild land and untamed possibility that was inherent to the newly formed duchy.
And they found themselves in a town.
A town called Storm.
This is where we begin.


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