Taynor Hawkins

Duke of Taynor


Taynor Hawkins is a living legend. At an age of 64 years, he still has the fighting prowess of many a third his age, and he never goes anywhere without his decorated greatsword and tunic bedecked with medals. He is the duke of the duchy of Taynor, and a very imposing figure: they say that he is the only one that the Verdant Prince has ever really feared. He began his career as a rank-and-file soldier, but he was soon distinguished by his tactical brilliance and fighting prowess. He lives currently in the capital city of his duchy, Port Belson, where he has spent the last fifteen years working out trade and peace treaties. His wife, Isabella Hawkins, is said to be a beautiful woman even in her aging years, as well as a brilliant politician: rumors abound that the real political power behind the throne may indeed rest in a woman’s hands. Taynor is a tall, stately man, with a temper like a stick of dynamite. His voice never seems to be anything but loud, and he has salt and pepper hair that is thinning around the top of his head.

Taynor absolutely despises the Verdant Prince and all things Fell (as well as Fen… he isn’t very good at making the distinction), only making tenuous peace with him on the orders of King Harold, whom he respects immensely. The hatred stems from the Battle of the Burning Stumps, a military endeavor in which as many trees of the Fell Forest as the Drisdenian army could reach were destroyed, burned to the ground. It was a harsh retaliation to the attacks of the Battle of Chiswick, in which the Fell forces carried out a near slaughter of the Drisdenian armies massed there, who were saved only by the heroic and brilliant tactics of Taynor himself, when he was just a sergeant in the forces.

Taynor Hawkins

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