Marius Fuinnar

A Necromancer who has somehow brought himself back from the dead. His mastery of undeath is shown through what he call his "friend" Marrow.


—Gray elf Necromancer lev 8
chaotic good
Normal group

High int
Low physical traits

Knowledgeable in many things
Command of Marrow
Can not use ench or abjr spells

Rank 1 adventurer of the west
Looking for one who practices old Necromancy

To Kill/Burn or in other words Remove list (KBR list) because forgiveness only goes so far
1) Serinfel the yekatohu
2) Aldeth

1) Turned Cheese Head into smoked swiss (Saved Dean)
2) knock knock Ghoul Touch
3) Return From Beyond

Marius is a necromancer who has been obsessed with learning about the old kingdom. He knows quite a bit and has a few objects with the old seals and such, including a longsword he carries with him. He views necromancy as a way of sparing the living by using those already dead. Why should a someone go and die in battle when there are plenty of bodes in the nearby crypt? Why waist a small fortune in hiring fees just for manual labor? Marius intends to show everyone that necromancy is only to be feared if you are his enemy. Any who join him will find safety in the shadows while those who oppose him had best watch the darkness and be wary for clacking bones, for the dead don’t rest.

Marius Fuinnar

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