Warforged Sorcerer



Heavy Crossbow
Battle Axe
Daggers/ one nondescipt for the toungeless man. other from Evil preist
Ring of Protection +1
Skech Books



Quote: Acid Splash!


I was made during the Last War by the house of Canith. They soon saw powers in me that i could not explain. They told me I was a sorcerer. They had me train with a sorcerer at the compound. He taught me to use my powers. But my armor got in the way more than once. They thought they would never be able to sell me, so they had me work on crafting more of my race.I worked alongside many humans and they found that I was good at crafting. But, the humans did not like that I was with them. Eventually I was sold to Aundir as a wizard. I was part of a stealth operation. Later I was captured by Cyre and was just a regular solder. During the treaty of Thronehold I was a guard for king Boranel. Afterwards I along with many of my kind were left waiting for six days until we were told to leave. With new freedom I left with my squad and traveled to the the capital of Breland, Wroat. There I went in to tavern looking for work and conversed with residence. A bard was singing of a valley were two roads meet. I for the first time in my live fell to SLEEP. I awoke falling feet above the same crossroads the bard had sung about. Next to me was a black elf, a warforged made from flesh, an oddly dressed gnome, and a human wizard. To the east and west of the road the world curved like on my world. However, to the north and south the world curved up. There are two suns one that circles the other.

Since ariving I have been to the Abandoned Church at Starnhelmand The town north of the cross roads I belive it was Raven. I have also learnd of a organization of called the _Zan do _ and the Zan ye_. I have also been in a demens of a prison like nature were I encontered red halflings and a large demonic wolf. I since escaped and traveled with the Necromantic wizard Marius and a druid through a mountain range, were I nearly died. Due to Marius’ effort I am alive(I have pleged my life to serve him untill I save his life) and travled to a desert full of undead. However I now am back withPanacea. We then tralved with an Content Not Found: aldeth_and his mate, a Content Not Found: serynadel, a rouge named Mr. Mask, a Content Not Found: dean-judd and an evil cleric called Silvester. we went to a town caled storm on the way we met two Hippogiffs, we killed one and traind the other. In storm there was a man named Parthen he paid us in coins that trun to hands. we then traind the Hippogiff and it’s child were as we left storm we were attacked ny werewolves and Dean Judd has become a werewolf so we went back to storm to get the priest of Palor to heal him but the temple was gone so we went to Parthen and he sent us on a mision that would take two weeks giving him time with out us in his way now we are in Mount Ragnor looking for mushrooms.

I have gone, with my party, thrugh the caves, found the mushrooms and freed Malor, who is in fact a wolf. He now helps Parthen, who I hope is still trust worthy. We now must renigoseat the pact between us and Parthen for we no longer need the spell cast apon Dean for he is nolonger welcome with us, however I dought that PArthen needs the Mushrooms anyway.

Affter much fighting, both with in and with out of the group, we maneged to get through the dungen and save Malor. However, the gifts he promised were not of the swingy type, or the shooty type, or even the blasty type for that matter. No, the gifts he gave us are intangible if existant. Though we did get much loot.

We were walking from the cave and found a Content Not Found: dierrel and an elf. Both seam inosent but who knows. We also were engaged by by a scouting party of centar. They were non-hostile but were attacked by a dragon. Is spat acid at me making it imune to acid so I did not use any spells exept Magic Missile, though I alomst got to use Earthbind but the fight was over to soon. We left and a mist of magic started to follow us. It soon left however several strange things happend. Mask tried to steal stuff but he was just an ilusion.

We got to Storm and oh yeah, Aldeth went ahead to scout but when we got back he had stolen all of our money. We looked for him and Constance the Bager attacked us, aparently she was posesed. We tolk her to Parthen, who paralised her for a week. We then headed to the south to find Aldeth so as to kill he, and Panacea who was in a temple. The spirit posesing her is theYekatohu, a demon that I almost fought agenst. MArius wants to get the money so we can prepar for the jorny north & to make shoure who is posessed. Marius got un possesed and now wants to go back north with out the money because the tracer thing was a lie. unfortunatly now I am possessed.

I got unpossessed and A aparently we are now free of the Yekatohu, but who knows so were are going to find out how to kill it and then find it again. Also we found an adventurer who was interested in me for some reson however, he is almost dead. Also I am very bad at keeping watch so I am going to try and get better at it.

To be contiued

Title: none
Important Kills: Large Mushroom, A Nameless Black Dragon

What I think about my group
Panacea: She is devoted to one of thoughs gods good and law. She heals me much and is a valubale ally in combat.
Panacea has left us to join a church so as to better herself.
Marius : A powerful mage that I wish to continue to travle with.
He is now deseaced but I must raise his to pay back my debt to him.
Chi: He is unusualy canny and inteligent for a Drow. He also seems fo be from the orient.
I have not seen Chi in a long time and don’t know if he is still alive
Julia Tath: She seams to fear me and I do not know why.GONE
Aldeth: He is a very good archer so I would rather fight with him than agenst him.
he betraed us and marius and his freinds killd him but thy forgot about the money he stoll and now we have no way of knowing were it is
Sernadel: I have no real opinion of him he seems to be a pasive man.
the sinacal and untrusting elf has left to the woods with Constance, perhaps they will come back
Mister Mask: A theif that I wish good luck to for he seems unfit for such a crule world.
Mask died and will never come back
Constance: She has her uses but over all is just a weight. She does not specialize in anything that we don’t already have, shes not very inteligent, and she can’t dogde well.
She left to be with Sernadel in the woods but clamis she may come back some day
Shadid: He is a posessed man, allows spirits to enter his body and he grows in strength.
So far I am yet to see what he can realy do but I can wait

Died saving Marius from the yukatoehu; I would have perfered to keep him but he is not perticularly important
Dean Judd: He is so devoted to good and stoping evil that he is blind to the evil that hehimself comits. Slautering thoughs who are thoughtto be evil regardles of individual action is in itself evil. Dean has gone aganst us thinking of us as savage but perhaps he was the savage.

Long Term Priorites

1) Stay Alive
2) Incress Personal Power
3) Help Comrades
4) Gain New / Better Equiptment
5) Learn About Environment
6) Learn About My Race

Short Sighted Goals
1) Raise Marius From The Dead
2) Learn About Parthen & Malor
3) Protect Allies From Monsters And Selves
4) Prevent Judd From Becoming A Werewolf
5) Gain Wealth

Quotes or random thoughts from each adventure log:

I Vote We Call Him Snickers

I like haveing Snickers and our new archer they are good aditions to our team/ thoguh Parthen should be watched carfully he does not seem trust worthy/

Malor and the glowy mushrooms(an epic in three parts)

The AotW seems like a good source of income/ HA! this werewolf thinks it can turn me/ Dean has lycanthorpcy, Damn/ of course the temple is destroyed just when we need it/ at least Parthen will help but for such a high price it seems he may want us gone/ Were are theis fungi/ Dance you cabanet/ mar! this trap will shorly mean the end/ hay, i’m not dead, but the rest of the party may be I should go down and look/ Malor? I do not trust him we may be setting our selves up for a fight with a strong advicary/ HAHA GOO! I WILL EAT SOM OF YOU!/

Bukets of Lava

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…/ Rust Monster?/ Oooooh healing/ Why does the floor blow up?/ Parthen is not the ony one/ Fly my master/ GROUND! oh wait they don’t eat me/

It went swimmingly

Honey, honey ,honey honey honey/ IT"S A GIANT MUSHROOMMABYE IT"S FREINDLY/ it’s not friendly/ ha stupid poison you can not kill me/ Malor! You suck at fighting/

I am him as you are me and we are all toghether

Acid- Damn dragon/ Damn It’s probz the yekatohu/ money or life, you diside/ ARE YOU MARIUS OR ARE YOU AN NCP AND IF SO WHICH ONE!!!!!!!/ Oh finaly some one cares for me/ I want a polar bear hat/ Roboscimo

Whats new With Jacqueline Brassfist?

As adventureur some times find, they can be swept from time and space, and as Jackbrass found out, ist often not for the best. Lets set the seen. He found him self in the back of a wagon with a dwarf and a human. The wagon drove on for quite some time befor the driver took nodice. He a dwarf as well, was not to upset, simply confused. They desided to pay the dwarf to give them a ride to were ever he was going and they headed onward. However they soon ran in to trouble, three bugbears attacked them, but as they closed in on the trio, the nameless human struck them, forming a blade of mental energy and launching it at his foe. The leader roared in a rage, and flew an insult at the man, long wih a swing of his axe. However, he missed the sly human, as he chalenged the bugbear again, calling him a pussy. Jack on the ther hand thought to exit the cart and take the Goblinoids head on, striking them with his axe.

To be contiued….


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