Hini the Lightning Catcher

Role playing group- Ranger5/Rouge5


str 13
dex 18
con 13
int 15
wis 14
cha 14

hp: 59

ac: ?
fort 6
ref 12
will 4

base attack 8

appraise 4
bluff 6
climb 5
concentration 4
(profession) alchemy 4
disable device 4
handle animal 6
heal 8
hide 3
intimidate 2
jump 5
dungeoneering 5
geography 5
nature 5
local 5
listen 4
move silently 4
cook 2
ride 4
serch 4
sense motive 2
slight of hand 4
spot 4
survival 4
swim 4
use magic device 4

Improved Unarmed Attack
Deflect Arrows
Snatch Arrows
Throw Anything



Showed up on the doorstep of an orphanage 22 years ago. I never knew my parents and I hope never to find them. I lived at the orphanage all my life, or at least until 18. Had two good friends there. Mayera and Turgel. Mayera was a Aasimar. Turgel was a Half-Orc. He was very good with magic. The three of us each choose professions In Caitarune The city we grew up in. Turgel became a wizard working for the Founders Research Facility of Constructs apprenticed to Hanul the Mighty. Mayera became a Cleric of Pelor at the local Temple and worked at the orphanage we grew up in. As I became a Ranger apprentice of the great legend Cevalio the Half-Celestial of Caitarune, who grew up in the same orphanage and learned from Lance the south prince, who learned from Zero the master of The White Lotus. I spent my life thus far devoted to the cause of justice…Until I left Caitarune to go west were I saw how brutal the kingsmen are to commoners out side of the Temple’s main gates. the poor people who live with nothing and a king that does not try to help them. Now I am a fighter of the people, in a way. I kill those who bring harm to the innocent and help only myself besides that, laws have no hold on me for what laws I break stays broken and the criminal never exists longer than the crime takes.

Hini the Lightning Catcher

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