Harmond Staarven

Dwarf. Likes gold. Likes ale. Gets drunk. Alot.


Harmond Staarven is really short. His hair is Fire-Truck red, and his beard gets dirty from touching the ground. He plays in both campaigns.

Harmond Staarven’s main weapon is the Dwarven Urgosh, with which he is very proficient. He wears Mithril Fullplate.

He looks like this:


Looking at him for too long causes a instinctual rapid blinking.

HP: 84
AC: 28
Awesomeness: Infinity


Boom. Harmond likes to blow things up & wrestle bulls.

Give him alcohol. as much as possible. Beserker rage (not legit) ensues. Or sleep. Depends on his mood.

Beserk dwarf.

Harmond Staarven

Taynor Staar003