To Boldy Go Where Too Often We've Been.

This wednesday, the Fourteenth of September, officially marked the day when party operability and stability officially croaked it’s last. Perhaps its for the better – hell, it has never been a very strong force. But the faltering flames of party unity got a bathtub’s worth of cold water dumped on them today, when the party lost every last member of the goodly alignment. A good 60% of the party are chaotic evil – the kind of person who would gut you with a harpoon soon as look at you. I forsee a lot of harpoons.

However, despite a conglomeration of races and motivations which would send any fantasy writer into catatonic shock, the party somehow managed not to kill each other off in the first half hour – probably because they were too busy deciding to go north. And north they will go! To the lands of ale and trade controlled by the Starnhelmian dwarves, the Bone Mountains.

The rest, as they say, is going to be bloody destructive horrendous violence.

They do say that, right?


See, I said officially twice. That means its really official.

Really, really official.


Um, the Wednesday campaign has always remained separate from the Sunday campaign. Is this suddenly not the case?


so i here these rumers right about how we not doing this campain anymore and are jsut starting over is this true also pleaes conferm if D&D is at bens house on saturday


The sunday and wednesday campaigns (and indeed, characters in a few cases) are still separated entities. Also, while we are not “starting over” concerning the Sunday campaign, the wednesday meetings are indeed going in a new direction – mainly due to the overwhelming shift in general alignment and influx of new characters and players.


The rest, as they say, is going to be bloody destructive horrendous violence.

Really, I had no idea.


Who is Koinzell? Is this just some random person who found our campaign or do they actually know us?


He has no campaigns. (Koinzell)


I am Constantine, from the D and D club.


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