The eventual decision of traveling north.

There was a lot of arguing about whether to go south to recover the money Aldeth stole or go north to a graveyard where the party might be able to speak to a ghost about defeating the Yekatohu. The Yekatohu was possessing Marius and he convinced the party to go south, because, according to him, money would be needed to defeat the Yekatohu. On the way south Shadid was attacked by illusions and was badly hurt by this dark magic. That morning the Yekatohu possessed Jackbrass because Marius wrests control back from the demon. Jackbrass was quickly taken down (but not killed) after he started fireing magic missiles at Shadid. Apparently the Yekatohu did not like Shadid. Marius promptly told the party that they were all stupid for listening to the Yekatohu, and some of the party members confessed that they really just wanted money. Marius had the idea of blindfolding Jackbrass thinking it might stop the Yekatohu from possessing anyone with its ranged ability. A mercenary showed up at the camp and was very interested in Jackbrass because he thought he was a Myrtorian relic. The entire party freaked out and told the mercenary not to touch Jackbrass or he would be possessed. The mercenary told the party that he was also heading north and asked to tag along. After a long session of questioning the party agreed to let the mercenary travel with them, if only to ensure that he would not touch Jackbrass. The mercenary pulled a door off his cloak and the party used it as a sled to drag the Warforge. Marius told the party that they should in-fact be heading north and that money was not actually needed to defeat the Yekatohu. A day or so later Marius cut Jackbrass free claiming he was not possessed after all.

The party was all set to head north when Constance, the badger person, yelled that before they went anywhere they needed to buy healing potions. The party went to Sparrowsdale, which was to the north anyway, and waited outside the town while Marius went shopping. After that they all continued north until Marius remembered that it’s cold in the north and everybody would need winter gear. The party made a short detour to a small town and Marius once again went in by himself to buy things, among them were crafting materials the mercenary requested to make a garrote. Marius returned and shortly after the party made camp. Three days later during the first watch the mercenary nearly killed Mr. Flint by putting a locking garrote around his neck and dumping him in a ditch. Next the Yekatohu possessed mercenary shot frost at Jackbrass a few times then called forth a magic fog that blinded most of the group. Marius using the magic seeing stone spotted the mercenary and held him while Marrow chopped his head off. Marius then claimed the Yekatohu would be trapped for 24ish hours.

And that was the end of the meeting, could someone please edit this as I don’t think it is entirely accurate.
-facts edited by Conor/Aleks


This seems accurate.
I am not going to make a habit of not updating the adventure log – I’ve just had some family issues recently : I apologise.
Thank you Claire, and thank you Conor.


you don’t need to apologize, we all know family comes first no matter what and were definetly not your family, if we were we would be very disfuntional


It was no trouble to update the adventure log and I understand that you have other things to do in your life than run a D&D campaign, but if you are too busy to update the website in the future could you please tell one of us so we can help? Its important that the adveture log be updated every week so we don’t have to waste time on recap at the start of meetings.


I think the adventure logs do need to be kept mostly because it will be cool to look back latter and read what we did. If you are not able to write one I have no problem writing it all you need to do is ask.


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