NOTICE, "For Continuities Sake"

This is not an adventure post and I will take it down in a few days but I wanted everyone to see it. If you are posting an adventure log for a non-Taynor campaign please write: the name of the campaign (and the quest), who DMed, who played, what characters were there, and whether it is “to be continued”, please also note what the party had decided to do next if applicable. For example:

Campaign: Emerald Port
DM: Claire
Quest: Threat Against the Harbor Master
Players: Collin, Andrew, Paul, Olivia and Robert
Player Characters: Bard, Fish-Person, Ranger, Rouge, and Warlock (They were throw away characters without names)
Noteworthy NPCs: Harbormaster, Barkeeper, Naval Archer, Naval Swordsman.
Factions: Nathanielston Navy Radicals and The Free Sailors Guild.

Summary: The party heard that the harbor was closed because of a threat against the harbor master. They went to help and learned that it was either a threat from the Free Sailors guild or from certain members of the Navy. They did some investigating (Since this was basicly a filler adventure I’m not going into detail) came to the conclusion that the Navy was responsible. They went to the bar rumored to be a hang out for Navy radicals and yelled at all the patrons to fess up. Two Navy men immediately attacked the party. They had a battle and the party killed them. The meeting then concluded.

Continuation: Completed. Will not be continued.


Like I said, not our usual group, she’s a freshman in my brother’s D&D group.

NOTICE, "For Continuities Sake"

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