It Went Swimmingly

As I gear up for another chilling, exciting, and possibly quite destructive meeting of the LSRHS D&D club, I realize: I forgot to update the adventure log! (Thanks to the cloaked creepy guy with the skeleton for the reminder.)
So, I give you “It Went Swimmingly”.

Exposition and adventure! Onwards and upwards friends. Finally, the party has escaped the clutches of mount Ragnor and the dangers of Malor’s Prison – only to find that while they are a good deal richer in gold, in knowledge they remain poor. Malor’s motives for escape seem murky, and his reason for imprisonment murkier still. The figure of Parthen becomes ever more enshrouded in mystery and shadow, and group shifts have not made solving this mystery any easier. The party, with so little information, has decided to shift focus, and find another adventure to occupy themselves with – Beware though, should Marius and his followers, for the past has a way of catching up to those who ignore it. Icy spirits and long-named half elves do so enjoy causing trouble. But, to the facts of the last meeting, the minutes of court, if you will. Battling through multiple more rooms of a deadly dungeon, Marius’ party was aided towards the end of the deadly halls by a spectral wolf, the incarnation of Malor’s will, dormant now thousands of years. Instead of taking advantage of this unique and wholly remarkable avenue into the shadowy history of the Duchy of Taynor, they instead complained that it lacked adequate fighting prowess. Typical, eh? They fought through the last few rooms without too much in the way of unexpected events, until they discovered and obtained the last of the gems – instantly flooding the caverns with gallons upon gallons of lava. In shock, the party realized that the lava was not affecting them, and they heard only Malor’s voice telling them to “swim”. They swam up and out through the molten rock, ending up clean and dry on the ground next to the party fighter’s horse. While the party was still re-orienting itself, Malor said his hasty goodbyes and dissapeared. The party, in a slight state of confusion, is now on the road back to Storm. (With the exception of Panacea who decided to leave the party and perhaps the adventuring lifestyle all together in favor of assisting the Pelorian temple in Sparrowsdale. Dean Judd also left the group and the party has gained two new members in their place, one is a Wood Elf and the other is a half-dwarf half-badger creature known as a Wildren who originates from another plane.)

It Went Swimmingly.


Was Malor the half elf?

It Went Swimmingly

Hey if we ditch our characters does Chris get to take them over as NPCs and do whatever he wants with them?

It Went Swimmingly

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