I Am He As You Are Me And We Are All Together

Last sunday was, to put it minimally, confusing. Confusing as hell. However, here is it in chronological order and as clearly as possible – for your reading pleasure and so that your head doesn’t explode from plot twist overload.
The party escaped the prison of an age old spirit – Malor. Deposited roughly on the road back to Storm, they decided to head that way – what with not having many other options. On the road back they encountered a quartet of centaurs, all four of which were friendly. They were just finishing a short parley with these four when a swooping shadow and a high pitched shriek warned them of danger on swift wings – a small black dragon.
The dragon however, was not the true foe to be feared here – that title lies with the Yekatohu, a spirit of ice and death which some of the party members had fought earlier. As the dragon provided an ample distraction, the Yekatohu tried to possess one of the newer members of the party. Failing that, it took control of one of the centaurs, and had an impromptu “meet n’ greet” with aforementioned party member.
After vanquishing the dragon, the party decided (after much deliberation) to continue onwards towards Storm. Their journey, however, was disrupted when the party wizard, Marius, warned of a demonic mist which was trailing them. After a bit of an interim in which the Yekatohu, through the use of a centaurian child, possessed Constance, the party continued onwards, in a state of severe confusion as to what to do about the odd spirit tailing them.
That night, the Yekatohu further meddled with the group by conjuring the illusion that Mask was getting his questionably theiving fingers on another party member’s hard earned loot. This caused some minor disputing within the party, but not anything too serious.
The next morning, however, things began to really heat up.
Aldeth, the party archer and rider of Snickers the Hippogriff, took off to the rising sun, a pack heavy with mushrooms on his back, and the best of intentions in his heart. But gold, clinking, shining, insidious gold, corrupts even the best of us – and Aldeth perhaps wasn’t the best of us.
It turned out that the mushrooms were worth a whopping 5,000 gold pieces each – a price Aldeth couldn’t afford to share. The day after receiving payment from Parthen, he hopped onto his eagle-beaked steed and rode south. Where bound, none but he could tell you – and perhaps Marius, the elf whose distrust runs thicker and faster than any river.
A few days after he hightailed it out of Storm, the rest of the party arrived. After some rather ingenious detective work (consisting of “He isn’t here. He must be somewhere else.”) The party determined that Aldeth was gone, and so, mysteriously, was their gold. Understandably angry at this slight, the party resolved to follow with murder in their hearts – until a certain icy someone intervened. Mask and a few others had managed to deduce that Constance was possessed – and then Mask decided it would be a good idea to insult the temperamental and Chaotic Evil spirit. This resulted in Mask being shot by a blast of icy cold, and then Marrow tackling Constance, the possessed badger-woman. Mask ran to get help, and on returning, saw that Constance was paralyzed. The party then went immediately to the one man powerful enough to incapacitate the spirit for a good duration of time – Parthen Kitilistalianaktik. Parthen complied, paralyzing Constance, and then the party went to one of the few people alive who had dealt with the creature and lived – Panacea the cleric of Pelor. She was living in Sparrowsdale, doing research for the Pelorian order there.
The party traveled to the Pelorian temple in Sparrowsdale, and immediately sought out Panacea – she advised them to do as Marius had suggested – get a way to speak with dead and find the Frost Folk graveyard, to speak with those long dead who had before successfully defeated the Yekatohu. During this conversation, the high priestess came into the room – and on request, cordially pointed out both Marius and Mask as being candidates for possession: And did not point out Constance.
Still confused?
“I am the eggman, I am the eggman, I am the Yekatohu!”


I thought it was “I am the eggman, you are the eggmen I am the walr i mean Yekatohu!” Also Marius has dealt with the Yekatohu before also.


Chris never claimed you did not. On the contray, it was written that you had the same advice as Panecea.


actually I was pointing to most of the other pages on the Yekatohu and this one kinda suggest I have not. I really does not matter that much.


You didn’t fight the Yekatohu though, Panacea was the only person to make it all the way through the temple without dying or leaving. The only reason she survived was a staircase collapsed on her. Ryan’s paladin character pushed her out of the blast of an explosion, she hit a staircase, it collapsed and she was sheilded from somebody’s fireball necklace that was activated by the heat of the explosion. Technically everyone died because someone set off a bomb without thinking and someone else had a heat activated item, but Panacea chooses belives that the one who set off the bomb was possesed and she was saved by her friend’s brave sacrifice and that the stairs colapsed because Pelor made them, not because they were very old. The Yekatohu also turned all her friends into undead so she really, really hates it. I think I may have to play Panacea in this quest just because she would really want to fight the Yekatohu and making her stay in Sparrowsdale would be stupid. I sort of hope she dies so I don’t have to juggle to characters.


Umm, 1st I did fight the Yekatohu. Twice. 2nd I personally find it annoying that Panacea is in the game at all. You dropped her, to me that should have been the end of it. Now you have 2 characters of the same level under your control. This sounds like one of my “plans” to kill the rest of the party. I know this is not your intent, but if I were doing something like this I would be shot down before I could finish my sentence.


Conor – Constance is still in a state of paralysis, and will be for the next few days. I figured that rather than having Claire sit around bored for the first hour or two of the next meeting, she could play Panacea for the next week and I would just sorta “extend” Constance’s paralysis until exactly when Panacea is no longer necessary.
This way, Claire gets to play, no major rules are broken, and she doesn’t play dual characters.


Why not have the cleric un-paralize Constance? we are in a temple of pelor and all.


Also doesn’t being possessed have a similar effect? You lose control of the character for that time and the way I see it being possessed has a higher chance of that person losing the character forever. You seem to have no problem with doing that…


whatever, I see no one will listen to me about this matter.


I don’t want to be Panacea! The whole reason I dropped her was because I wanted to play as Constance. I’m only play as Panacea right now because I don’t have a choice or at least I didn’t until we thought of getting my real character unparalized.


I’m not argung agains you Claire. Chris is the one I’m arguing with. He is the one who made up a new spell that lasts a week. when he did this he should have made a way to counter it. One really easy way is WE ARE IN A BLOODY PELORIAN TEMPLE!!! Dropped characters should be out of the game. I’m not saying dead but just that they are busy or can not help the party in anyway.


Well. I am willing to admit defeat. It seems that since conor is somewhat ticked (hence the caps lock key) and Claire doesn’t particularly even want to play Panacea, then, if you in game aqcuire the assitance of the cleric, then you can get her to unparalyze Constance. I was simply trying to allow Claire to do something rather than sit out of a session – I wasn’t trying to give out unfair advantage.


actually that was cap locked and bold…


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