And, So it Begins

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{Roleplaying Group Entry}
The party is a group of intrepid adventurers, worldy and perhaps wise (perhaps, not), who have grown bored. Petty squabbles of noblemen and insignificant aristocratic quarrels no longer interest them, and in the interest of interest, they decided to take up adventuring once more, and put down the trawls of politicking for once and for all.
They traveled to the land of Taynor, a new duchy in the kingdom of Drisden, and decided to take thier chances and test themselves in the streches of wild land and untamed possibility that was inherent to the newly formed duchy.
And they found themselves in a town.
A town called Storm.
This is where we begin.


Wait what? We never did anything in the roleplaying meeting but make characters. Did this actualy happen or is it like prolog?

And, So it Begins

This is the prologue, yes.

And, So it Begins

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